Aichan to Graduate in Autumn 2011

As announced yesterday January 9th at the H!P winter concert and on the Hello!Project official website, Ai Takahashi will be graduating from Morning Musume during their autumn tour later this year.

I’m a huge Aichan fan, so what does this mean to me personally? I decided to write down my thoughts before reading anyone else’s blog.

My first reaction to this was OH, NO :( and part of me still thinks that. I know it’s a bit childish, but I feel like saying, don’t take my Aichan away from my Momusu! But she’s not mine, is she… More than sad about her graduation, I’m confident that this is a step forward for her and that she has a bright future ahead of her. She’s been in Momusu for a decade… it is time for her to move on. I’m feeling optimistic but the truth is, I know I’ll cry because of this too. I’ll cry lots. Aichaaan!

Aichan will be fine and Momusu will be… less lovely than before? It will feel so empty without her but I’m sure they’ll be fine too. Gakisan and Sayumi will make a great new leader and subleader. I have to say though, I wish I didn’t have to see my favourite group change like this. I became a Momusu fan in 2007, so the only line-up change I’ve been to witness was Koharu’s graduation back in 2009. What’s happening now is nothing new for Momusu, but for me… besides being exciting, it’s… overwhelming! The Momusu I’ve grown to love so much is changing way too fast! It’s too sudden! A triple graduation, four new members, and one more graduation announcement… all in less than a month! I wish the 9th gen. was added a bit earlier.

2011 will definitely be an interesting year for us Momusu fans, and I’m glad Aichan will be in Momusu for the most part of it.

Edit: I think this beautiful pic matches my post well.


6 thoughts on “Aichan to Graduate in Autumn 2011

  1. I have to save up for her next PB now!(I’m only 14) It Hasn’t been announced but the gradutation of the greatest morning musume member confirms it >3<

    I was hoping she'd leave at the 50th single so it's be spectacular :*(

    • My prediction is that she will get at least two solo PBs this year, one of them a graduation PB. I might buy one too! :)

      50th single… yeah, that will probably be a year after the graduation. But I’m sure the graduation will be spectacular in any case.

  2. I really do look forward to what she’ll do with her career. She’s a darn talented girl, and I hope she’ll find a way to put that talent to work in a way that’ll make her truly happy.

    I too am a very recent fan (I really only got into the group a little before they came to Los Angeles), and fell in love with those same nine members you did. It’s really heartbreaking to think that after this year over half of that group will be gone. I understand the need for change, but like you said, a bit better pacing of these events would have made a world of difference.

    Still, even though I know the group will be in good hands, a Morning Musume withhout Aichan just doesn’t seem right.

    • She’d make a great solo singer! Or maybe an actress. Maybe in musicals. I think she has many possibilities. It would be nice seeing her in TV too, although she isn’t really the tarento type.

      Did you go to see Momusu in LA?

    • Yeah, I can’t see her making a good tarento… >< I think musicals would probably fit her best, but I hope she does do some solo work. She's got the pipes for it.

      I certainly did go see them in LA. I only live about 25 miles away from Downtown, so when it was announced that they were going to go I figured I would be crazy not to attend (at the time I was really only into Matsuura Aya). To get myself ready I started watching and listening to more of their material, and hey there was some really good stuff! The amazing time I had there, being able to see them live and meet them in person pushed me from thinking "Morning Musume is a lot better than I expected," to "MORNING MUSUME. SO. AMAZING. AHHHHHH!"

      It was an exciting, emotional weekend. I met some amazing people there (you know, besides the 9 ^^), and I'm truly thankful I had the opportunity to take part in that event.

      I imagine Paris was similar for you, but with the added benefit that you were already far more familiar with and excited about girls than I was.

      • Yes, it was probably very similar. Exciting and emotional, that’s a good way to put it. And it’s true, I was a big fan already. For about a week before leaving for Paris, I couldn’t eat or sleep normally. XD After coming home, I wrote down my memories but I didn’t have a blog at the time, so it was just a diary for myself. But now I’m thinking, maybe I should publish some of it one day. I’m feeling nostalgic. ^^

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