About Sayu’s Blog

Ah… so much H!P to keep up with, so little time!

Remember my Sayu praise post from last November? I wrote about Sayu’s blog and how the translations at Hyakupa had suddenly stopped.

But a couple of weeks ago, I was delighted to see that kurikaesu.haru started posting regular translations at Hello!Online. There had been other fans contributing as well, but I don’t want to name them because I’m afraid I won’t remember them all.

And now I’m happy to find out that InvisNantoka at Hyakupa has been continuing the translations since December 31st. Now I have many old entries from last year to catch up on, as well as new exciting entries about the kyuukies and the H!P winter concert.

I haven’t been online much as of late, so I’m sorry if this is something everyone else is aware of. But in case you can’t read Japanese well and want to start following Sayu’s blog, here is the place to go now:


Here’s Sayu’s 9th gen. introduction post translated:


Finally, I want to thank everyone who has ever translated Sayumi’s blog. I really appreciate your hard work and I hope one day my Japanese will be good enough so I can contribute too!

Here’s a cute pic to match my mood (from a last year’s blog entry).


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