AiSayu Picspam!

Happy New Year everyone!

The purpose of my first blog entry this year is sharing some of my favourite pics and videos of Ai and Sayumi. I made the picture size smaller so the post is easier to read. To save the pics in your AiSayu folder (What? Of course everyone has an AiSayu folder! O-O), it’s a good idea to click on them first.

It’s a well known fact that Sayu thinks Aichan is cute and fantastic.

We have no reason to suspect that the feeling isn’t mutual!

I’m not very much into the idol pairing thing, but when it comes to AiSayu, I’m super biased they’re just so funny and cute together. I mean just look at them! So adorable with fruits.

Adorable without fruits!

Officially adorable!

Très kawaii in Paris! And très… oishii? ^^

Peace peace!

I’m afraid don’t have any really old AiSayu pics (if you do, please share!), but at least this isn’t recent.

Although nothing wrong with the recent pics either. ^^

Dakara kuchizuke mo nagaku kobandeta no… ♫

(“I refused to kiss you for a long time”, Aichan’s first line from the song Kanashimi Twilight)

Which brings us to the funny part…

It’s Sayu to Aichan no Chuu Game!

(If you don’t know what these pics are about, I recommend you watch the videos I have linked to at the end of this post. Actually… I recommend you watch them anyway. ^^)

Aichan’s revenge!

Ai: “Now Sayu, let’s be serious!”

Sayumi: “Aww…. all right then…”

Both: “Usachan piiiiisu!”

See ya!

And to finish this post, my favourite AiSayu videos!

(Two videos from closed accounts removed.)


6 thoughts on “AiSayu Picspam!

    • They really are the cutest. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think the 9th gen will take their places anytime soon (even Riho).

  1. It’s hard to tell. I think Riho would soon be shining bright. But I think it depends a lot on personality too and we don’t know enough about the personalities of the auditionees yet.

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