5nin Momusu

The Morning Musume 9th gen. audition results will be revealed on January 2nd. Until that date, they are back to the 5nin they were when the group was first formed in 1997. So… it’s a perfect time for a 5nin praise post! (I’m not trying to bore you, dear readers! This is just something I’ve been wanting to do.) I think I should blog shorter and more often, so I’m keeping it to exactly 50 words for each member.

It’s no surprise that Sayumi Michishige (6th gen.) is still my ichiban. I already made a long post about her, so let’s move on to my second favourite…

Ai Takahashi (leader, 5th gen.)

Aichan is lovely. Lovely is Aichan. She may scream like a man but she sings like an angel. She’s beautiful and talented even though she keeps denying it. I love her sweet and a bit awkward personality. Also, the best smile in H!P. Especially when she scrunches up her nose.

Reina Tanaka (6th gen.)

Reina is super pretty and stylish. Her personality is straightforward but I like it. She acts natural and when she says kind things (and she does!), I know she really means it. She’s the most adorable yankii! And her vocals are almost as cute as Sayu’s (and technically much better).

Risa Niigaki (5th gen.)

Gakisan has a pretty smile (her “duck lips” are mostly funny though ^^) and she’s a joy to watch on stage. I once got up at 5am after a short sleep just to watch her live stream and I woke up in an instant. She has a mature yet genki personality.

Aika Mitsui (8th gen.)

I’ve never paid much attention to Aika and I have to admit, my main reason to like her is the lack of Aika love amongst other H!P fans. But I think she has a fun and caring personality, and she can be real cute when she does her smile right!

What now? Let’s wait for the news on another 5nin… Erina, Riho, Minami, Aina, and Kanon! Can’t wait to hear who will get chosen. ^^

All the pics are from Sayu’s blog. With Risa, I didn’t have much to choose from.


2 thoughts on “5nin Momusu

    • I like it too. I wouldn’t have minded if they had released one single with just the five of them. But I’m also excited about the 9th gen.

      I actually like Riho the best. ^^ The only one who I’m not sure if I like is Minami. But I hope she will grow on me if she gets chosen.

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