EriJunLin Graduation

えりりん、ジュンジュン、リンリン! 卒業おめでとうございます!


As of yesterday (December 15th), Eri Kamei, Junjun, and Linlin have graduated from Morning Musume. What I saw from the pics and videos, the graduation concert was epic. Seeing the girls cry is heartbreaking, but I’m also very happy to note how many fans there were to fill the Yokohama Arena! I couldn’t concentrate on making a blog post yesterday, but today I want to show my love and support for the three of them by writing down some thoughts and memories on them.

From left to right: Junjun, Eri, Linlin


I’ve always quite liked Eririn. She is quite nice. She is quite funny. She is quite beautiful. Her vocals are quite enjoyable. Ah, I guess she never really stood out to me, after all. But I do like her! What I most admire about her is, when she first joined, she was very shy. She overcome that and look at her now! She is a wonderful performer and an amazing dancer with a personality that is truly one of a kind. I held an orange glow stick at the Paris concert for her (I only had three glow sticks), and two out of my five glowing bracelets were orange. When I spoke Japanese to her at the signing session, she complimented on it very cutely and clapped her hands. That is a sweet personal memory I have of her. I also have many turtle related or orange things in my home, things that I would have never bought if they didn’t remind of Eri. And now those things make me teary-eyed.

Dear Eririn! You were an important part of Morning Musume and you will be missed by so many fans, including me. Take care of yourself, and please meet Sayu often so I can see you in her blog! I will be impatiently waiting for your return in the Japanese entertainment. :)



Until recently, Junjun was my least favourite member in Momusu. I never disliked her, but I found her a bit annoying. I thought she was trying too hard to be cute. Her cutesy moves seemed so forced and awkward, I felt embarrassed for her all the time. And I’ve never liked her singing voice either. But she miraculously jumped up to 4th place in my ranking after I met her in Paris! My memories are starting to get blurry, so let me quote myself:

They really were [kind and patient], especially Junjun made me very happy, I was going to greet her in Chinese, but for some reason I told her I speak a little Japanese but no Chinese, I stumbled over my words when I said that, and she looked at me with a really kind smile and eyes that said “Don’t worry! I understand you! I’m happy to meet you!” She was so sweet and waved to me really cheerfully later on. It seemed like she really made an effort to give me a good memory. She used to be my least favorite member, but now it changed completely. [Jltos on July 6th 2010 in the Paris Japan Expo thread on Hello!Online]


I remember at that moment, I had a very strong feeling that almost brought me to tears. I thought, she was one of the kindest people I had ever met (even if it was just a short moment). So it’s that feeling that made me notice and like her more. Some might say, that’s what her profession is all about: making people like her. But the look on her face was so genuine, I refuse to believe she was faking it. I also think she is really funny, and her cheeks are some of the cutest I’ve seen in all of my life.

Dear Junjun, I will miss you! You brought a lot of personality to Momusu, and… you really are cute, aren’t you? :) I wish you the best of luck, whatever path you will choose for yourself back in China!


I have a confession to make. For a long time (a couple of years?), I’ve been calling Aichan my second favourite. But early this year, I started paying attention to a Momusu member I had barely noticed before. That was Linlin. And when her graduation was announced, I tried to keep myself from liking her too much, so I kept saying she is my third favourite. But there is so much to like! She is very funny and she’s always doing and saying silly things that make me laugh. Her personality is sweet and honest. And what a wonderful singer she has become in these three years! And she is so pretty! I really like the way she looks and her smile is so bright, I can’t help but smile myself when I see it. There is just something about her presence that makes me feel happy. Oh and I find her little accent in Japanese very cute. (Both her and Junjun are Chinese, so they must have worked very hard to become idols in Japan! And not just because of the language. I’m so proud of them and what they have become.)

Dear Linlin, it’s true… you were my second favourite this year. I’m sorry for keeping that to myself until now. You will be missed in Morning Musume, but I’m sure you’d make a wonderful solo singer too. Have a safe trip back home! I will support you always! Stay BacchiLinlin! :)


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