Hello Hello! ~Memories~ PB

I have another “first time” purchase to celebrate with all of you! A couple of weeks ago, I received my first ever photobook! (Not counting the Pikapika concert visual book and a couple of Momusu mini photobooks from CD releases.) I know I’m very late with this, but I’ve been busy and well… learning how to blog on time. Please bear with me, dear readers! ^^

It’s Hello Hello! ~Memories~, the photobook featuring Morning Musume’s 6th generation members Eri Kamei, Sayumi Michishige, and Reina Tanaka! Released November 11th 2010! Yay!

I know there are many Momusu fans who would love to buy a photobook, but haven’t done so for many reasons. Some don’t like the bikini shots, others are worried what their family or friends will think if they see it. If you’re one of those people, I recommend you buy this one, because the cover says “pics of my favourite jpop group members inside”, not “pics of sexy girls inside”. And if it does say the latter, it’s just a quiet whisper.

I haven’t seen many scans of the PB yet, so maybe it’s not a bad idea if I upload a few pics I took? Maybe… maybe? :) I have to say though, my phone camera and my photography skills aren’t exactly professional…

First, the girls wear cute casual clothes. It’s a little unexpected though, the outfits aren’t the ones from the cover.

They go shopping, too!

I read someone comment that they wear the Rival Survival outfits in this PB, but are they really the same outfits? Well, whatever it is, it’s similar in style and I like it.

The pages that start on the left hand side have a different look and a softer feel to them. I mean the paper used for the pages. But their sleepwear looks really soft and comfy too! ^^ I saw Erina wear a similar outfit in Hanbun Esper and I’ve been wanting to buy one myself since then.

There is also a “Pajama Talk in Ishigaki-Jima” for those of us lucky enough to read Japanese. These two pages are less bright compared to the rest of the “pajama talk” pages, which adds beautifully to the sleepy feeling.

The current rokkies meet the little rokkies. ^^ I like Reina’s pose here.

And finally… the PB does have its share of bikini shots too! But they are taken from previous PBs.

Here are the cover outfits. Aww, little rokkies again. ♥

The PB ends with gorgeous photos to celebrate the graduation of Eririn.

My opinion on this PB? It’s my first one, but… I think it’s perfect! Seriously, there is nothing I would change about it! The girls spent seven whole years in Morning Musume together, and this PB is a beautiful tribute to that. Reina’s shirt saying “Eternity Together” makes me feel hopeful and a little sad. Rokkies forever, ね?

5 thoughts on “Hello Hello! ~Memories~ PB

    • It’s a pity the 8th gen didn’t get a PB of their own, but you can cheer yourself up by buying the Aika PB that will be released in January! ;)

      Seriously though, Junjun and Linlin would have deserved graduation PBs. I would have bought both. Or even just a joint PB.

      …And no I’m not planning on buying the Aika PB. Not even if you make fun of it. :D

  1. Ooo, I bought this pb but Celga still has mine in storage. I’m waiting for some of my other SayuEri stuff to get in before I get it all shipped to me. Can’t wait to get it now XD

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