Top 5 H!P Songs in 2010

Now that I have heard every H!P song released this year, I decided to choose my favourites and share my thoughts on them. By every song I mean all Momusu and Manoeri songs, and the single a-sides from the rest of the groups. So, let’s begin! My favourite song this year is…

1. Morning Musume – Fantasy ga Hajimaru

Reminds me of Ookii Hitomi. Much better than It’s You. The best album song on Fantasy! Juuichi. Comments like this from other fans raised my expectations for this song very high, but I’m not disappointed at all! It’s an upbeat song with a cool and sexy feel to it. (What? I can like sexy songs too!) I really like the electronic sound and the autotuning. And… it’s a Sayu lead! Do I even need to say that I think she sounds amazing? ♥ Can’t wait to see a concert performance of this!

Before listing the rest of my favourites, a few words on the new album from Morning Musume (Fantasy! Juuichi or Fantasy! 11 or Fantasy! 拾壱, released December 2nd). While I don’t think it’s one of their best albums, it’s still good. I like Ai no Honoo lots and I’m a fan of Reina’s singing, so I’m always glad when she gets a solo song. Sungoi My Birthday and I’m Lucky Girl have a cute old-fashioned sound to them. Bravo is maybe a bit AKB48-ish? I’m not sure if I like it yet, but it sure is yay yay tanoshii. ^^ Onna Gokoro to Nanto Yara is somehow very nice (friendly?) and Itoshiku Kurushii Kono Yoru ni is beautiful but I can’t remember it at the moment. The same goes for the remaining two songs. Or maybe I just haven’t listened to them enough yet.

2. Muten Musume – Appare Kaiten Zushi

Appare Kaiten Zushi is incredibly childish and… so much fun! The song is catchy and the PV in all its craziness is probably the best cartoon I’ve ever watched (cute chibi musume flying in space with dancing sushi plates). And the lyrics! I’m gonna eat sushi with daddy and mummy and fall happily asleep afterwards? Gotta love Japanese advertising. ^^ Sparkly-eyed SayuSayu ftw! JJ eats bananas while flying! And the leader of Hello! Project is ironically an egg? Yes, you got it right, I’m a Muten Musume fangirl now.

3. C-ute – Dance de Bakoon

This is the song that officially made me a C-ute fan. Life sucks sometimes, but with this song, you can forget it all for a while. So much energy and good attitude in one song, I can’t help but love it. Actually, this song pretty much sums up the main reason why I become a H!P fan in the first place. Complete with a fun dance and a colourful PV to match the song perfectly!

4. Morning Musume – Tomo

My reasons for liking this song so much are for the most part personal. Tomo is the song that was chosen as the theme song of Japan Expo in Paris this year. It may not be the same for everyone who was there to see Morning Musume, but I listened to the song a lot during the expo, so it really does bring back wonderful memories. And… maybe it’s just me and my personal reasons again, but I honestly believe this song has the most beautiful song lyrics on friendship ever.

5. Erina Mano – Haru no Arashi

This song is definitely one of my favourites from Manoeri. A very beautiful song with a fresh melody, it makes me feel calm and energised at the same time. I also like the PV a lot, especially the wind blowing on Erina’s face and the hand movements in the dance. The lyrics are more powerful than you would expect from a song with such a pretty sound. Your gaze that chases after her shadow, now calls the storm, a storm that sweeps over my heart… (Translation from


3 thoughts on “Top 5 H!P Songs in 2010

  1. Mine was:
    1. Ano Hi Ni Modoritai – Ai and Gaki
    2. Maji Bonba
    2. Dance de Bakoon
    4. Haru no Arashi
    5. Seishun collection

    Damn o.o I didn’t think anyone else loved that song xD I think It’s her best song after Hajimete no keiken

    • I think most people preferred Onegai Dakara or Genkimono de Ikou, because they are more upbeat. I liked all of Erina’s singles this year, but Haru no Arashi is just so beautiful it had to be in my top 5. Seishun Collection is another great song that not many people seemed to like.

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