Junjun and Linlin Graduation Memorial DVD

I’m going to write another more detailed post on the Morning Musume graduations, but I watched the Junjun and Linlin Graduation Memorial DVD (subtitled by Hello!Fansubs — thank you so much!!!) and it really touched me, so I’d like to write down some thoughts on it. I’m sorry for being a little late with this, but I’m new to blogging so my reactions are slow… ^^ I won’t go into much details below so you can still enjoy watching the DVD after reading my post (which isn’t much more than my own babbling anyway).

The DVD consists mostly of Junjun and Linlin watching a VTR. Each Momusu member shares their thoughts and memories on both Junjun and Linlin, after which they change turns. It’s very much like graduation concert speeches, only a bit longer. Eri also tells the girls what their graduations mean to her as she is graduating at the same time. Instead of screencapping and commenting on every Momusu member, I’ll just point out a few moments. Overall, the DVD is a very enjoyable watch and both Junjun and Linlin look gorgeous in their yukatas. Please forgive my slight bias for showing Linlin first.

So… It’s the DVD graduation! Ah, Junjun. ^^

Dear Junjun, please listen to Linlin, she is right. You’re overacting again. You don’t have to pout your lips and swing your body to look cute. ><”

After Eri being sweet, Aika sharing some cute memories, and Reina acting very Reina (which is good), Sayu and Junjun talk openly about the conflicts they had between them and they both end up apologising. I won’t deny that I’m usually more on Sayu’s side on this matter, but after watching this, I like Junjun a little bit more again. :) Junjun really does seem to think that she is similar to Sayu (and Sayu agrees), so I can understand her frustration for not being allowed to be herself just because there already is someone “too much like that” in the group. I don’t think they look that similar though.

Linlin is so sweet, isn’t she! ♥ I love it how she sees the good in people. She also gets praised so much by Sayu, she is blushing. ^^ Yay for the second cutest member in Morning Musume! Yes, it’s official now. Sayu said so!

Junjun doubts Linlin’s words… XD But it’s okay, she still loves Sayu.

Gakisan surprises the girls with some compliments. After her turn comes the most touching part of the DVD for me. Aww… AiLin… These two are going to miss each others so much. :(

Junjun’s message to Aichan was really touching. She wasn’t sure what to say at first, but when she did find the words, they were genuine and thoughtful. This screencap doesn’t do her message justice.

After watching the VTR, our beautiful pandas in yukata enjoy some seafood and reveal their thoughts on each others.

Junjun and Linlin love you in Japanese, English, and Chinese! They also say beautiful things about their fans not only in Japan, but all over the world. These two are so charming and funny both in their own way, it’s difficult not to love them back! ♥


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