First Official H!P Photo Order

I got something in the post today that made me smile like Aichan’s yellow Nine Smiley! I even jumped up a bit, which hurt because I sprained my ankle yesterday. So I probably looked more like Junjun’s dark blue Nine Smiley for a second. When was the last time I was this happy to receive something? I feel like a little kid now that I have these lovely and beautiful pics from Hello Store USA! :D

You guys should’ve seen me when I took the pics out of the envelope and looked at them one at a time. Or maybe it’s better you didn’t, because I must have looked a bit crazy. ^^ After every single pic, I said “AH!” out loud. I like all of these pics so so so much! Especially the Sayu pics! But I’m not completely biased here, other pics that stand out to me are the ones that I could name “Eri jumps in Paris” and “Reina eats ice cream in Paris”. Those are so unusual and fun! I also really like the Aika pic where she’s holding the expo schedule, because I took a similar Saturday schedule home with me. As for Aichan, I have to say she doesn’t look her best in the Paris signing session pic, although I do think even a bad pic of Aichan is beautiful. And in the Nine Smile set, there is Koharu! There is Koharu! Yay yay! :D The pic made me squeal “Koharu!” out loud. I miss her in Momusu very much and I’m happy to finally own a solo pic of her.

I won’t blog on every H!P related purchase I make, but this was an exceptionally happy order for me. One reason being that these are my first ever official H!P photos! I did have some photos before, but they are all second hand, quite old (the only exception being a Kimagure Princess group pic), and not chosen by me. So it didn’t feel quite the same back then when I got them. These pics are shiny and scratch free! The Paris pics are so new they even curl at the ends! And it’s new (and relatively new) pics of my favourite line-ups! And… it’s pics that remind me of the wonderful weekend I spent in Paris last summer. I… I got a tear in my eye when looking at them. Dear Fan Club, please hurry up and release the DVD now!

Oh and if anyone can read what the text in the Sayu Fashionable photo says, please tell me. With my poor Japanese reading skills, I can only read “Fashionable” and the date.


6 thoughts on “First Official H!P Photo Order

    • I couldn’t help but buy all the Paris merchandise there was. I also wanted a set with Koharu so I got the only Nine Smile set that was left in store. And then I wanted something with just my favourite member so Fashionable seemed like a good choice (I also have the DVD).

  1. Nice pics. Especially the Paris ones! XD Oh but I also love seeing Koharu in a set of pics. I miss her genki quality. In the Paris pics as well as the two you mentioned I also like Ai-chan’s hoody pic (hey I AM biased :P ) and Niigaki’s Eiffel Tower pic. Also the picture of all nine of them with the tower in the background. Happy memories!

    • I agree on those pics you mentioned. You’re not biased, I really like the hoody pic too! Oh wait. I’m a huge Aichan fan myself! XD I wish I had seen Momusu at the Eiffel Tower like some fans did. I only saw the airport, the hotel area, and the expo centre… but these pics are still very precious to me. ^^

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