Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my blog! ♥

About a year back, I thought of opening a blog where I can post my thoughts on each jdrama I watch, but for some reason I never got to it. Then I saw my beloved Morning Musume live in Paris and my fandom grew tenfold! (And I was a huge fan to begin with.) Now I need my own place for Hello! Project fangirling, a place that is longer than tweets and more personal than forum posts. I have temporarily lost my interest in jdrama, but I may start watching soon again (I still haven’t finished Hotaru no Hikari 2), so look forward to that as well! This is my first blog ever and I can’t promise to be particularly entertaining or funny, but what I will do is enjoy organising and writing down my thoughts.

The blog title (Hanakotoba!) comes from Hanakotoba (花言葉, ‘flower language’ in English), which is the c/w to Erina Mano’s 7th single Onegai Dakara. It’s a beautiful and peaceful song, so I added an exclamation mark for more energy. (I like exclamation marks!) The main content of my blog will be Momusu, but I also like Erina very much so I think it’s a nice idea to show my support this way. Mostly it’s just a word though, which people might find easier to remember than my actual username.

I am MTSayuRin on Twitter (2356 tweets as I type this), Hello!Online (919 posts), and Musume-Central (5 posts).

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu. :)

(Post edited after username change.)


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